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V's CigarCity Menu 2x3

Cigar City Brewing Beer Dinner at V’s Town Tavern

**We are extremely pleased to announce V’s Town Tavern’s first beer dinner featuring Cigar City Brewing. Relatively new to Port St. Lucie, V’s has been making impressive waves within the craft beer/foodie/cocktail world ever since opening day. We have no doubt that this will be a beer pairing event you do not want to miss […]

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12A Buoy Beer Dinner menu

Menu ~ Sailfish Brewing Beer Dinner Benefit at 12A Buoy

**The Beer Dinner Benefit for the Sunrise Theatre Foundation held at 12A Buoy in Downtown Fort Pierce was a smashing success thanks to the hard work of yours beerly along with Nick Bischoff and Kevin Storm of Sailfish Brewing, Leslie Beuttell with the Sunrise Theatre Foundation, and the fine folks at Southern Eagle Distributing. We […]

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Beer Menu

Chill & Grill ~ Beer & Wine Menus

**Chef Scott and Csilla Birch, the owners of Chill & Grill in Vero Beach, FL, believe that food should be fun, not stuffy and pretentious, which is reflected in not just the casual seaside manner of the restaurant but also in their Beer and Wine menus which we designed.**           (An […]

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Sailfish Brewing Company 1 Year Anniversary Party

On Saturday April 26th, 2014, Sailfish Brewing Company in Fort Pierce, FL celebrated their historical 1 year anniversary with lots of beer and Tillman’s Famous BBQ. The festivities started at 2pm with live music from The Devils Cut and The Alabama Cousins who played long into the evening. Caitlin tended bar inside while Al tended […]

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VIP Soft Opening at Castaways Gastro Pub

When Jack extended us an invitation to join the Castaways crew and special guests for an evening of craft beer and gastropub delights, we simply could not refuse. After arriving around 7pm, we were warmly welcomed in where who should we see at the bar, none other than Al and Kevin of Sailfish Brewing Company. […]

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Sailfish Brewing Beer Dinner Benefit at 12A Buoy

We were extremely pleased and proud to work with the wonderful folks at Sailfish Brewing, 12A Buoy, and the Sunrise Theatre Foundation in organizing a delicious beer dinner benefit for the Sunrise Theatre Foundation. The weather was perfect as we slowly savored our way through 4 beers and 3 courses over the course of the […]

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Southern Eagle Distributing’s 30th Anniversary Party

  **All pictures originally taken on 4/5/2014 and are copyright Beer Ambassador, LLC. Plagiarism is not tolerated.**

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George Reisch *Head Brewmaster for Anheuser-Busch* presents a Beer Dinner Pairing

  **All pictures taken on 4/3/2014 and are copyright Beer Ambassador, LLC. Plagiarism is not tolerated.**

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12A Buoy Beer Dinner JPEG

Sailfish Brewing Beer Dinner at 12A Buoy

**Tickets are extremely limited (less than 50 left) and this very delicious Beer Dinner benefit for the Sunrise Theatre Foundation is not to be missed. Featuring 4 beers from Fort Pierce’s very own Sailfish Brewing Company and 3 pairings from the critically acclaimed 12A Buoy, your tickets can be purchased at 12A Buoy in Fort […]

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Hunahpu Day 2014 & Sunday Brunch at Peg’s Cantina

**It is with a heavy heart that we share these pictures of the 2014 Hunahpu Day at Cigar City Brewing in Tampa, FL which goes down in history as the last Hunahpu Day. Was it perfect? No, but it was certainly iconic. After Hunahpu Day 2014 we enjoyed a slow brunch at Peg’s Cantina followed […]

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Field of Beers 2014

The first of each New Year means that it is once more time for Field of Beers, an exclusive and epic journey through craft beer gastronomic harmony. Hosted each year at Roger Dean stadium, there was no way we were going to miss out on our 4th year in a row. Tickets were limited to […]

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new belgium lof paardebloem

Lips of Faith Paardebloem ~ New Belgium Brewing Company

Appearance: Cloudy orange under a fluffy pithy head which fades slowly into a soft blanket that never dissipates. Nose: Coriander and orange peel. Rustic, oaky, and cut wood in the back. Flower petals and juicy pears in the middle. Palate: Peppery grains of paradise in the back. Spirit soaked oak. Flower petals, peaches, and pears […]

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new belgium lof dieu de ciel

Lips of Faith Heavenly Feijoa Tripel ~ New Belgium Brewing Company

Appearance: Copper and orange under a fluffy white head which fades with lace. Swirls creamy and with more lace. Nose: Sour and tart tropical fruits. Aloe Vera and cactus. Yeasty and spicy with ginger root and cumin. Green banana peels. Dry nutty fruit stones. Horsey on top with chamois and leather. Palate: Creamy middle ripe […]

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new belgium lof pluot

Lips of Faith Pluot ~ New Belgium Brewing Company

Appearance: Golden orange under an off-white head that fades into a thin bubbly collar. Nose: Juicy plump plums and kumquats in the middle. Green grapes. Fresh honeycomb on top. Soft slightly sweet breads underneath. Palate: Juicy sticky sweetness without being cloying. Plums abound of all shapes and varieties. Sweet bready middle infused with honey and […]

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lederer premium pils

Lederer Premium Pils ~ Tucher Bräu Fürth (Oetker Group)

Appearance: Clear straw under a soft white head that fades slow and patchy. Nose: Freshly baked Italian and French breads. Oily lemon peel on top. Grassy underneath. Crunchy golden cereal grains and crackers. Palate: Chewy white breads in the middle. Grass and lemon underneath. Crisp crunchy crackers on top. Lemon oils in the breath. Wisps […]

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nebraska black betty

Black Betty Russian Imperial Stout ~ Nebraska Brewing Company

Appearance: Dark chocolate underneath an espresso crema head which leaves large swathes of lace in its path before settling into a creamy layer. Nose: Black chocolate, graham crackers, and chocolate chip cookies. Plums and raisin bread in the middle. Espresso crema – nutty with burnt caramel and woodiness. Creamy caramel and vanilla in the back. […]

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A 2013 Retrospective

Seeing as we have already attended our first beervent of 2014, what better time to share our best of 2013. And so without further ado…   Field of Beers: Held at Roger Dean Stadium off of Donald Ross Road in Jupiter, the event starts at 6pm promptly every year and ends every year around 9pm. […]

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Sunrise Rotary Florida Craft Brew & Wingfest

**Once again the Sunrise Rotary of Vero Beach, Florida brings the Florida Craft Brew & Wingfest to Royal Palm Pointe on February 22nd from 11am – 4:30pm. Ticket sales are limited so we recommend buying yours in advance. Just as last year, there will also be a homebrew contest so keep an eye out for […]

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4th Annual Space Coast Craft Beer Festival

**Once more the Broken Barrel Tavern is hosting the 4th Annual Space Coast Craft Beer Festival to benefit the Space Coast Early Intervention Center. 100% of all proceeds raised benefit this wonderful local foundation. Along with the regular beer fest, there is a VIP pre-event tent filled with rare specialty craft beers. Both regular entry […]

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ccb kalevipoeg gates of hell

Kalevipoeg at the Gates of Hell ~ Cigar City Brewing

Appearance: Dark brown-black under a khaki head that swirls dark and creamy with a few spots of lace. Nose: Spicy with prunes and peppers and heat – eyes water in the back with each smell. Cayenne and chilies. Cocoa powder and toasted marshmallows on top. Berries in the middle. Biscuit and pie crust underneath. Palate: […]

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scaldis prestige bush de nuits

Bush de Nuits (Scaldis Prestige de Nuits) ~ Dubuisson

Appearance: Plum and purple grape hues with a rich brilliant deep clarity like a precious gem. Plum hues and khaki collar that is thick and full. Fluffy arcs of lace. Swirls creamy. Nose: Apples, cinnamon sticks, and oak. Whiskey soaked cherries and grapes. Port wine and sherry. Green leaf on top. Tannic bitterness underneath. Granny […]

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schlafly barleywine

Schlafly Reserve Barleywine Style Ale Aged On Oak ~ Saint Louis Brewery

Appearance: Apricot and amber and burlap sack hues under a tight but minimal head that fades into a thin collar. Nose: Cinnamon apples, black cherries, and maraschino cherries. Orange oils. Concord grapes. Plums. Spicy on top – chili pepper seeds. Red Twizzlers on top. Palate: Ohmygawd! Vinous and oaky and French. Maraschino, black cherries, plums, […]

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trignac xii

Trignac XII ~ Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck

Appearance: Golden straw under a soft white head that lingers with a thin white film and thick collar. Nose: Bright-eyed sun-kissed grains and husks. Spicy and yeasty in the middle. Cumin and paprika. Boozed peaches and apricots in the back – spicy and oaky thanks to the cognac barrels. Flambéed bananas. Soft chamois and leather. […]

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Mango Hefeweizen ~ Sailfish Brewing Company

Appearance: Cloudy with a hue of mango infused white breads under a soft head of the same color. Nose: Soft freshly baked breads kissed with mango essence. Oranges mingle amidst the mango which weaves in and out of the breads. Palate: Medium-light weight which increases the overall quaffability of this perfect for Florida beer. Soft […]

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thomas creek banana split chocolate stout

Banana Split Chocolate Stout ~ Thomas Creek Brewery

Appearance: Murky dark browns under a soft khaki head that leaves a wide swath of lace in its wake. Nose: Roasty underneath and chewy in the middle with moist chocolate cake. Bananas on top. More chocolate cake in the middle along with banana nut bread. Vanilla bean. Black licorice underneath. Palate: Creamy mouthfeel with vanilla […]

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