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We especially love beer, but we also love anything fermented and/or distilled with flavor. One could say that we are flavorholics. We will taste pretty much anything and everything at least once no matter how unique, unusual, or different, and if we like it, we will gladly imbibe of it again. All we ask for is a little TLC, an irreverent disregard for corporate mediocrity, and a passion for all things local and sustainable. Slainte!

Gouden Carolus Noel ~ Brouwerij Het Anker


a soft khaki head blankets dark woodsy browns with mahogany and cherry wood highlights when help up to the light. Head fades soft and bready, leaving patches of lace in its wake. Swirls with fluff and some bubbles.


cherry and chocolate powder. Nutmeg and allspice. Fig and date cake – dense with fig newton designs. Vanilla extract. Candied pineapple and cherry candies without the saccharine sweetness. Root beer candies.


root beer, cherry, and pineapple gummies. Maraschino cherries. Dried and sweet figs and dates. Spice in the finish – allspice and nutmeg. A gentle warmth of mulled sweet red wine. Plums. Fresh black cherries. Chocolate somewhere, nowhere, and everywhere.

Final Thoughts:

delicious dangerously drinkable. I now have a new favorite Christmas seasonal to look forward to…until another ousts the Gouden Carolus Noel from its wintry throne.

(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

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