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We especially love beer, but we also love anything fermented and/or distilled with flavor. One could say that we are flavorholics. We will taste pretty much anything and everything at least once no matter how unique, unusual, or different, and if we like it, we will gladly imbibe of it again. All we ask for is a little TLC, an irreverent disregard for corporate mediocrity, and a passion for all things local and sustainable. Slainte!

Julio’s Weizen Blueberry ~ Tequesta Brewing Company


nice thick haze that refuses to let any light pass through. A gentle solid glow of white with freshly pulped blueberry hues. Bubbly white head sticks to the sides of my glass, leaving magnificent rings of lace in its quaffing wake.


blueberry and the finest white rolls your local baker can provide. Blueberry angel food cake. A supple delicate sweetness. Blueberry waffles. Fresh white breads, hold the crust.


chewy white breads and oats and wheat with ripe blueberry flesh (no skins) in the back. Soft mouthfeel of angel food cake. A short finish brings me back again and again for more. Ripe juicy peaches weave in and out. Light and flavorful. Breakfast in a glass.

Final Thoughts:

I’m an unabashed fan of Matt’s beers and Julio’s Blueberry Weizen was another smashing success in my beer ambassador book. Blueberry is a very unforgiving fruit to brew with; I’ve had far more failures than I have successes of which Tequesta can happily count itself. Yum.

(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

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