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We especially love beer, but we also love anything fermented and/or distilled with flavor. One could say that we are flavorholics. We will taste pretty much anything and everything at least once no matter how unique, unusual, or different, and if we like it, we will gladly imbibe of it again. All we ask for is a little TLC, an irreverent disregard for corporate mediocrity, and a passion for all things local and sustainable. Slainte!

Buja 10 ~ BaeHaeJung Nurukdoga


cloudy milky unfiltered goodness – like a crazy blend of lemon and milk, shaken and not stirred.



milky lemonade rice water. Tropical sweetness of mango and cantaloupe. Lemon cake with lemony icing and. Rice cakes.



lemonade rice milk. Cucumber milk. Icing along the edges. Polished rice and its water linger long after each swallow. Rice crackers dipped in coconut milk. Ghostly presence of sour salty ticklish fermentation.


Final Thoughts:

a bit thin and simplistic which some could argue is part of the point, but no matter how many tastes I took, it always felt like there was something missing. I couldn’t and never did put my finger on it, but that’s life. Good yet all too easily forgettable.



(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

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