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We especially love beer, but we also love anything fermented and/or distilled with flavor. One could say that we are flavorholics. We will taste pretty much anything and everything at least once no matter how unique, unusual, or different, and if we like it, we will gladly imbibe of it again. All we ask for is a little TLC, an irreverent disregard for corporate mediocrity, and a passion for all things local and sustainable. Slainte!

Samuel Adams Belgian Session ~ Boston Beer Company


Clear gold like fields of grain under fluffy white clouds that have nowhere to go. Fades slow, lingering as a thick creamy puff.


Ripe bananas and yeasty dough. Lemons on top. Tropical green fruits in the middle. Orange zest. Peppery and spicy on top. French and Italian bread crusts underneath. Husked grains.


Pleasant medium-light weight with a full middle. Chewy French and Italian breads in the middle. Fried plantains, aloe, and guava. Spice and citrus underneath with lemon and orange peel, white pepper, clove, and coriander. Rind and pith in the finish. Oak mingles with the spice. Warms up well and the flavors hold together from first quaff to last.

Final Thoughts:

Another fine beer from Samuel Adams. I love the complexity of flavor paired with the sessionability of only 4.25%abv. I hope to see this newer offering available on a regular basis.

samuel adams belgian session

(An original written work by Beer Ambassador, LLC. Plagiarism is not tolerated.)

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One Comment on “Samuel Adams Belgian Session ~ Boston Beer Company”

  1. Jeremy Krantz January 10, 2014 at 8:02 am #

    Enjoy! Cheers!

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