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We especially love beer, but we also love anything fermented and/or distilled with flavor. One could say that we are flavorholics. We will taste pretty much anything and everything at least once no matter how unique, unusual, or different, and if we like it, we will gladly imbibe of it again. All we ask for is a little TLC, an irreverent disregard for corporate mediocrity, and a passion for all things local and sustainable. Slainte!

Banana Split Chocolate Stout ~ Thomas Creek Brewery


Murky dark browns under a soft khaki head that leaves a wide swath of lace in its wake.


Roasty underneath and chewy in the middle with moist chocolate cake. Bananas on top. More chocolate cake in the middle along with banana nut bread. Vanilla bean. Black licorice underneath.


Creamy mouthfeel with vanilla cream and chocolate cake. Faint banana in the finish. Cherries and dark stone fruits in the middle. Banana chocolate cake. Chewy black licorice underneath that lingers after each swallow. Boozy cherry bite in the back. Chocolate wafers along the sides.

Final Thoughts:

While some found the banana in the chocolate stout lacking, I found it to be an excellent balance of a solid stout with a kiss of creamy banana. Delicious and to be enjoyed whenever possible.

thomas creek banana split chocolate stout

(An original written work by Beer Ambassador, LLC. Plagiarism is not tolerated.)

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